The mission of the Fire Prevention Division is to protect the people, property, and environment of our community by identifying hazards and potential hazards through inspections, and preventing these hazards from occurring through education. This can be accomplished by focusing our efforts on service to our community through the belief that preventing an incident is far better than responding to an occurrence of fire, injury, or a hazardous situation that otherwise might be prevented. We administer this effort by enforcing the International Fire Code through an inspection program, plan reviews, the pre-incident planning of commercial properties and performing the post fire investigation for cause and determination.

Throughout the year, the Fire Prevention Division provides plan reviews for commercial occupancies, multi-family, and inspection services for a variety of special events, fairs, and festivals.

Code Enforcement & Fire Inspections

  • You will receive a call and/or an email regarding scheduling your annual fire inspection. At the scheduled date and time, the fire inspector will show up and conduct a fire inspection. During the inspection if any violations are found they will be pointed our to the owner/representative the inspector meets with. After the inspection, the inspector will create a report to reflect the violations and email it to the owner/representative with a date and time for re-inspection. Re-inspections are typically scheduled 2 weeks from initial inspection. If the date and time for the re-inspection is not conducive to your schedule call at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled re-inspection for rescheduling. If no violations are found, or violations have been repaired in the presences of the inspector, you will receive a report reflecting that violations have been repaired. You must keep at least 3 years of records on site to be accessed by the fire marshal or fire inspector upon request. Records that shall be kept on site include: fire inspections, fire alarm inspections, sprinkler inspections, hood suppression inspections, hood cleaning records.


Plan Review

When you are ready to submit plans for plan review you will need to fill out an application. They can be found via the links below or you can pick up a complete application packet at our administration offices at 165 N. Pagosa Blvd.

Applications and plan reviews will only be accepted if they are filled out completely. If the application(s) is not filled out completely, you will be notified and the process will start over. You must also submit the appropriate fee in the form of a cash or check with your application and plans for the plan review process to begin. Please allow 21 days for review after a complete submittal is turned in. Once the plan review is completed you will be notified by email.