Wildland Fire Assignment Information Release

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Date:  September 3, 2017

Information Release – PFPD Wildland Fire Assignment

Nationally, many resources are being called to Texas to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  While the South is dealing with flooding, it is easy to forget that the wildland fire season is still in full swing in a large portion of the North.  Many areas in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana are ablaze with no signs of relief in the predictable future.  PFPD has participated on several local wildland fire assignments this season and is eager to contribute out of our region by continue supporting those in need of help.

On August 31, 2017, Pagosa Fire Protection District accepted an assignment for a wildland fire engine to assist on the Park Creek fire in Northern Montana.   Engine Captian David Montoya, along with firefighters Colton Calavan and Devin Fulton, will be working alongside local, state and federal partners in a coordinated effort to protect lives and property in the path of the Park Creek fire.

On September 3, 2017 PFPD accepted another wildland fire assignment to the Caribou fire near Eukeka, Montana.  Engine Captain Thad McKain will be operating the wildland fire engine with help from firefighters John Stiles and Savannah Wellman.  The crew will be working on the Kootenai National Forest near the Canadian border.


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Submitted by: Pagosa Fire Protection District Public Information Division

Approved:  Karn Macht, Deputy Fire Chief