The Adobe Building Fire – Ref. No. 026

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Ref. No. 026
Date: October 25, 2016

The Adobe Building Fire

The Adobe Fire had a small flare up early in the morning on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. This was caused by smoldering material trapped under the building debris. The blaze was spotted quickly by on-scene firefighters and extinguished. Firefighters expect that this may happen again over the next few days as debris removal continues, but will be at the location to ensure a timely response.

Volunteers from Pagosa Fire Protection District, along with firefighters from South Fork Fire, will be at the scene throughout the day providing suppression services. Fire investigators from PFPD, Los Pinos Fire, Telluride Fire and agents of the ATF are continuing with the origin and cause investigation at 475 Lewis Street, the Adobe Building.

In order to assist with the investigation, heavy equipment will brought to the site to begin debris removal. During this time, the 400 block of Lewis Street will remain closed to all traffic. The structure is still unstable. Anyone wishing to view the area must stay outside the yellow flagging.

Pagosa Fire Protection District personnel, along with local law enforcement units, will continue to provide an on-scene presence in order to ensure public safety and scene security.

Pagosa Fire Protection District and the Town of Pagosa Springs would like to extend a special thank you to all of the utility companies who assisted in providing a safe working environment for all of the firefighters and to the public in the surrounding area. Pagosa Area Water & Sanitation District, La Plata Electric Company, Black Hills Energy, and CenturyLink provided quick response times and excellent service. PAWSD provided critical assistance by supplying water to the needed area as quickly as possible.

An additional thank you is due to Pagosa Emergency Medical Services for providing an on-scene ambulance during suppression activities. Pagosa EMS’s initial response to all structure fires is to provide needed care to any civilians affected by the fire and/or smoke. Following that, Pagosa EMS will stay at the fire scene to provide rehabilitation services and any medical treatment that may be needed by firefighting personnel.

For updated information, please visit the Pagosa Fire Protection District Facebook page as it will be updated whenever new information is available.

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Randy Larson, Fire Chief