Structure Fire August 2, 2017

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Incident Response Information Sheet


Structure Fire August 2, 2017

Pagosa Fire Protection District responded to Aspen Springs, Unit 5 on August 2, 2017 for a reported structure fire.  Upon arrival, firefighters observed smoke and flame visible from the exterior of the structure.  An exterior fire attack was determined to be the best strategy to provide for firefighter safety.

PFPD responded with two engines, four tenders, one battalion, one chief car, seven paid staff members, and 13 volunteers.

There was no one home at the time of the fire.  Neighbors secured two dogs that were outside the residence and removed them to a safe area.  Fire extinguishment was hampered due to a modified roof with a large concealed area.  Due to rapid fire spread through the concealed space, the structure is a complete loss along with the majority of the contents.  Overhaul activities were initiated in an attempt to salvage the contents of the residence.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries to report.


Submitted by: Pagosa Fire Protection District Public Information Division