Become a Fire Volunteer today!

The Pagosa Fire Protection District is always on the look-out for qualified volunteers.

Essential Qualifications/ Expectations:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Submit a written application by Downloading the form, fill it out, print and either fax, mail or bring it to the office.
  • Must hold a valid Colorado Driver’s License
  • Must agree to a complete third party background check.
  • Must display an attitude and demeanor of teamwork and good organizational communication.
  • Must agree to the “at will” policy for all members serving under the leadership of the Fire Chief.
  • Must successfully complete the Fire Academy.
  • Must agree to fulfilling the requirements of 9 hours of in-house fire related training quarterly and attending a minimum of 3 calls for service quarterly.

This will meet the volunteer requirements set forth by Pagosa Fire Protection District of 36 hours of fire related training and 12 calls for service annually.

Get started today by DOWNLOADING THE FORM,  print it, fill it out, and either
  • bring it to the office
  • fax it to 731-4194
  • mail it to: 191 N. Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
  • email it to

Volunteer Companies

A Company-Captain Montoya

910 John Gilbert

914 Megan Macht

923 Tom Dorgan

935 Steve Voorhis

937 Josh Bramble

943 Keaton Tjelmeland

945 Savannah Wellman

946 Michael Mallozzi

950 Lyle Hoffschneider

954 David Blake

956 Mark Salazar

960 William Crouse

964 Jared Wirth

980 John Elliott

982 Michelle Clark

C Company-Captain Clark

921 Thad Miller

922 Ryan Foster

934 Scott Carpenter

936 Donald Peterson

944 Kyle Allen

947 Brint Castolenia

952 Becky Guilliams

953 Becky Ziminsky

955 David Hickle

958 Joshua Butcher

971 Mikaela Boehmer

973 Michael Hamblin

974 Jeremy Taylor

975 Christine Soria

991 Justus Logan

B Company-Captain Robertson

916 Bill Wilcox

918 Thaddeus McKain

925 Sky Ferguson

932 Toby Brookens

933 Eric Ziminsky

941 Marvin Johnson

942 Daniel Dillow

948 Devin Fulton

957 Crystal Jenkins

959 Kathy Wilcox

965 Dana Gowdy

966 Sylvia Thompson

967 Edward Ainsworth

968 Anthony Ferguson

969 John Stiles

970 Cindy Liberton

972 David Henderson