PFPD Begins Shift Work

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                     Ref. No. 044

Date:  January 8, 2019

Press Release – PFPD Begins Shift Work

The beginning of 2019 brings new changes for Pagosa Fire Protection District.  Starting January 5, 2019 PFPD will have a paid crew of three, one officer and two firefighters, on duty 24 hours a day.

The full-time coverage was made possible when voters approved a mill levy increase in May 2018.  As promised, hiring a 24 hour on duty crew was priority.  Firefighters and officers that were already employed with PFPD were divided up into three shifts.  Additional firefighters were hired based on their scores from a written exam and physical assessment specifically designed for PFPD. Three more firefighters will be hired in July to bring crews up to four personnel each.

Responses from PFPD will be answered by the on-duty crew along with volunteer firefighters.  Volunteer firefighters and volunteer officers comprise 74% of Pagosa Fire Protection District.  Volunteers will remain the primary response force for PFPD while the on-shift crews will act as a preliminary response crew.

A Shift: Lt. Thad McKain, FF Jeremy Taylor, FF Ryan Foster

B Shift: Capt. Will Clark, FF Devon Fulton, FF Anthony Ferguson

C Shift: Lt. Jared Wirth, FF Josh Montoya, FF Lyle Hoffschneider




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Approved:  Randy Larson

Fire Chief